Two China Dolls and a Prince!

This blog chronicles the story of 2 of our adoptions, both older children when they came home. It begins in 2008 and will continue in the hopes we can be of encouragement and information to anyone thinking of older child adoption.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A new picture of Jaxon!

This picture was taken just this past Sunday (Monday China time).  Zane, the boy on your right, is the one being adopted that day by our friends, the Verhulsts, from Independence. Jaxon, whom James claims he will continue to call "Lucky" is on your left and was just apparently woken up by Zane to snap this picture.  Keep in mind it was about 3pm in China and Jaxon was sleeping!  Guess teenagers are the same on summer vacation all over!  We've been told Jaxon is asking when we are coming as his birthday of August 21 is approaching fast.  Soon, son, soon!  Actually, we plan to leave anywhere from Aug. 4 to the 6th depending on when our Consulate Appointment in Guangzhou winds up being.  "CA" is the last appointment in the adoption process; after that, Jaxon can legally leave China and come home with us.  So hopefully, within the next 10 days, we will have our son and James will have his brother!  I think it is finally sinking in to James that he's about to fly 9,000 miles away from home; I can't wait to share this experience with him!  God has truly blessed us in leading us in faith and ability to adopt from China not once, not twice, but THREE times; Jazmin, Judi, and Jaxon may not be children of my body, but they are and will always be the children of our hearts. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012


A friend in the online adoption Yahoo community has made a beautiful necklace with one word that describes our journey to here to see it:

Through all the paperwork, ups and downs, positive and negative comments, fundraising woes, waiting with bated breath for the next important piece of paper, this word has kept me going.  By purchasing one of these necklaces, 50% of the sales price will go into our LifeSong account towards our travel for Jaxon.  Time is short and the funds even shorter!  Just click on the link to see a description and the price; thank you so much for supporting us and Jaxon!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hot, Hot, Hot.......

Today we had our garage sale in Warrensburg and I am so happy to say it was successful!  We raised more than I had expected (and i had set my expectations pretty low so as not to be disappointed again!).  What was interesting was that some people would say, "keep the change for your adoption", and others were like, "will you take .50 for this?", when it's marked $1!  Seriously?
Jaz and Judi were real troopers and stayed outside with me til about 11, then went into our friend's house to stay cool.  Jr came around noon and brought me lunch, and then Jessica and James came and helped me break down the sale; that was a job in 105 degree heat!
The first fundraiser I've held that actually worked well!  It's all due to our friends from church who let us use their house and gave so freely of their time and home; they are the true embodiment of Christian service!
Have to say it will be a looooong time before I attempt another sale for ANY reason....or at the very least, no more in July!

Update on the adoption:  we've received the second I-800 approval and are now waiting on the NVC (National Visa Center) to issue their approval letter which leads to Article 5 which leads to TA(travel approval) which leads to CA (Consulate appointment) which leads to TRAVEL.  We are on task to travel by 7/28; so exciting!