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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Roller-coaster week! - update - see end of post!

We have had quite a week in the adoption process!  One of the steps in an adoption is to apply through US immigration (USCIS) to be approved to adopt an orphan.  The application goes to a lockbox in Dallas, Tx, and is then sent back to Lee's Summitt, MO to the National Benefits Center where it is processed.  They then schedule fingerprint appointments and you can walk in early; then you get approved.  This process can normally take from 4-8 weeks.  We didn't have that much time!
This is our USCIS timeline:

April 30: our I-800A was received into the lockbox system.  I contacted the NBC and spoke to a wonderful officer who was willing to help us move things along.  She watched for our file to pop up in her system.

May 2: we received our receipt # by email.
May 3: we received our paper receipt in our mailbox
May 4: emailed our Officer with SS#s and scanned our paper receipt to her.
May 7: received BAD EMAIL!....our Officer had put us in the fingerprinting system only to be told by the computer that the KC office had "NO CAPACITY" and would not issue appointments for us... Yikes! No one knew what this meant and no one had encountered this before!
May 7, P.M.:  I did the following....a)called our agency, b)found an email for the KC office from 3 years ago and emailed them, and c)called our Senator's office in Jeff City.
May 8, 12:30pm : after some serious prayers Monday night, I did something totally out of character for me Tuesday morning.  I called no one, emailed no one.  Did nothing until 12:30pm when I checked my email.  Imagine my absolute shock when I found an email from our Officer with our fingerprint appointment notices attached! Have no idea which phone call or entity helped do this, but I am not questioning God's intervention!
May 9: went up to KC and was fingerprinted in less than an hour!  Yahoo!  Come on, approval!
May 11: I-800A approval!!!!   We are rollin' now.......

In the meantime, the rest of our documents are currently at the Chinese Consulate being authenticated; as soon as we receive immigration approval (the I-797) and get it certified and authenticated, our dossier will be ready to go to China!


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Mom2Six said...

WOO!!HOO!! This is only one of many times you will see God's fingerprints all over this adoption!