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This blog chronicles the story of 2 of our adoptions, both older children when they came home. It begins in 2008 and will continue in the hopes we can be of encouragement and information to anyone thinking of older child adoption.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

TA, TA, where are youuuuuuuuuuu?

we're still hangin' in there just waiting for TA. TA is Travel Approval. China first gives you pre-approval to adopt, then waaaaay later, the real approval, THEN the approval to actually enter China! The good news is today we got our passports back all stamped and ready to go.
Chinese New Year is Jan. 26, and if the CCAA holds true to form, they will want to clear their desks before the holiday, meaning we might get TA next week! There is one glitch though; there is news that there is a new step in the TA process, where the LOAs have to go back to immigration here in the US for re-approval or something! It is really crazy; they don't think about the kids waiting for their families; it's just all bureaucratic nonsense! Pray that this does not slow us up even more; there are so many families this would affect and these children wait so long, they shouldn't have to wait longer!
On the home front, we're doing well. Jr's still employed, Jessica's doing really well so far this semester, and Jazmin already has her "airplane" bag packed! I keep saying i'm going to get packing, but can't seem to get to it. I'll probably be throwing things in a suitcase the night before we leave!


Tina said...

Hey Debbie!!
Did you get updated measurements today from Vicki? I was surprised to see ours come. I've been buying 12-18m clothes so I think we're in trouble!! I got an email from Carol today and she dropped off our visa applications so I feel like I've actually accomplished something :)
OH- the maps, just right click, save as and then edit using MS paint- it's pretty simple. Have a good night,

Julie said...


We are almost there. I have seen TAs posted today for 12/29. Ours will be here soon.

Duchess of Lanier said...

Hi! Found you from our agency big busy board.
The extra step is for I800 families only I beleive.
We are one.
It adds about a week between LOA and TA since a copy of the LOA has to be sent to immigration.
Hoping you get great news next week!

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

I did hear something about that second approval of the LOA, but don't know about it. Must be a BRAND new rule! Hope it doesn't hold you up!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey :)
Ohh how exciting that youre leaving to Kunming. I was there in the summer getting my 28 month old son :) Loved Kunming :)
We waitied 213 days for our LOA! It was awful!
I hope your TA will be there soon!

Birna Iceland