Two China Dolls and a Prince!

This blog chronicles the story of 2 of our adoptions, both older children when they came home. It begins in 2008 and will continue in the hopes we can be of encouragement and information to anyone thinking of older child adoption.

Thursday, July 31, 2008


Well, to catch up...
I got the letter from immigration and they wanted, as I suspected, the license from the homestudy agency. BUT, and this is the most ridiculous thing, they wanted to know how many times Jr had been married (uh, DUH, did they actually READ the homestudy??), and the address of Adoption House.
Ok, so the VERY NEXT DAY, I had a letter typed up and copies of all the necessary documents; I drove up to immigration to deliver it personally. I walk in and there's two security guards there. It's Wednesday, the "open" day to just walk in. I told them what I was there for and the younger one said "well, there's no one here today that can help you; you'll have to send it in the mail" WHAT???!!! I remained calm and said I had done this same thing with my homestudy weeks earlier. They said well, they weren't allowed to do that anymore. I was seething, but left 'cause I just couldn't think straight. This was clearly simply a case of them not wanting to be bothered to go to any "extra" work.
I got in the car and drove about a block, and then just said "NO WAY!" I am NOT going to sit still for this; I whipped the car around (kids were with me again) and headed back.
This time, I walked in and right off, told them the name of the adoption officer, and that all I needed to do was hand her these documents; that's all! Surely, this wasn't an unreasonable request! Finally, the younger of the two realized I wasn't going to play nice and go away and he went to find the officer.
Turns out the reason I never got an answer to my emails or phone calls was the officer had been out of the office with a broken hip! The guard said, however, there was a new person now, and he said he would deliver my papers to her. I thanked him nicely and left victorious!!

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