Two China Dolls and a Prince!

This blog chronicles the story of 2 of our adoptions, both older children when they came home. It begins in 2008 and will continue in the hopes we can be of encouragement and information to anyone thinking of older child adoption.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

ok, I'm back!

We got to Guangzhou Friday evening and the internet costs $16 a day in our room, and just haven't had time to get down to the lobby and blog. Friday night we just chilled and had a drink in the bar with Dad; then the next morning we saw him off to back home. I think he was happy to be going back, but was going to miss the girls, especially since Judi had really seemed to bond with him, too.
Saturday, we went and had Judi's medical exam. She was an angel! She sat there perfectly and it was one of the few times I've seen her silent and not moving at 100 miles an hour! At one point, the doctor referred to her "heart disease". I told Kathy and she tranalated that the paperwork had indicated their testing showed no problems. They brought a cardiac doctor in to check her and found no evidence of a heart murmur, though I noticed the regular doc wrote down "VSD" on her stuff. So I don't know whether she had heart problems that have resolved on their own, or if she never had it in the first place. Then we went into the "brain" room, where they asked her some questions. Since she can speak as well as any adult, they also pronounced her fine in that area also! So my little "special need" cutie pie so far is turning out to be just fine. We still plan to tak e her to the IA clinic in Kansas City, but we are so blessed that she is healthy, strong, and what many Chinese here have referred to as even "advanced".
Jazmin and Judi's relationship continues to evolve; some days are better than others. The hardest thing is teaching Judi that she doesn't have to fight for everything; there were two biological kids as well as two foster kids in her foster family, then a week at the orphanage, so she basically had to fight for every little morsel and probably never had anything that was just hers. She eats like a horse and her energy level is still off the charts, but she's doing much better in staying close to us now. Also, if we're out somewhere busy, she'll voluntarily ask to be picked up and will hold on I have to give kudos to Jazmin; she's trying so hard to be a good big sister. She's learning to laugh at Judi's antics and not take her so seriously. She's such a well-behaved girl, and delights everyone who meets her; I'm not saying that because we're any great shakes as parents; she just has a beautiful personality.
Judi HATES to be disciplined, and will rattle off a string of Chinese when we do, but we just ignore it, put her in time out, and go on. The great thing is she doesn't stay mad too long, and she is a great sleeper once she settles down! The pollution here has got her cough revved up again, but soon we'll have her in some good country air!
Guangzhou is soooooooo crowded! It amazes me just how many people we see on the street in front of the Shifu; I mean we're talking thousands! And I'm thrilled because back in 2004 there was a major shopping street I went to that was awesome and I discovered Saturday that the Shifu is on this exact street! So I'm in shopping heaven!
Yesterday, Kathy and I went to the Jade Market; stall after stall of every kind of jade imaginable! Each vendor rents a tiny little stall from the government and purchases their wares from various resources; then it's all in the hands of the consumer; and let me tell you, there are millions of consumers here. I just don't remember such a crush of people 5 years ago; I've learned to push and shove my way like everybody here; no one says excuse me or I'm sorry, but no one gets mad, either. For dinner,w e went to the Guangzhou Restaurant right down from the Shifu and 6 of us ate for only 136RMB! Love the chaep food here, could just walk the streets and never go hungry.
This morning we went to the Safari Park; I wish we'd known about this back in 2004; it was awesome! We were able to get on a little trolley that drives you around right in amongst the animals; very cool photo opps for the camera enthusiasts. Just be aware; waiting for the trolley is a new experience in "crowd control", meaning there is none! We were jam-packed like sardines in the line waiting and Jr and I were holding on to Jaz and Judi for dear life. And readers, you already know just how hard it is to hold onto Judi! And I splurged and got Jaz and Judi the cutest little panda hats for the cold weather and two little panda backpacks; tonight or tomorrow I've got to start looking for another suitcase!
Well, I'm going to run, the Hammonds, Julie Thompson, and we are going to meet up with the Blackburns; zaijian for now!


Mom 2 Joe, LilyRose, Mason said...

Hi Debbie,

Great to hear from you. I am looking forward to going to the GZ resturant. We didn't know about it last time. We loved shopping over by the ShiFu. I'm glad your Dad got off ok. I am sure he is happy to be home though.

Enjoy the rest of your trip. Talk with you soon.

Lisa C.

Aus said...

Morning Debbie - glad to have the update on your journey - and glad it was the internet keeping you silent - not anything more serious! Super news from the medico's too! Looking forward to following the rest of your trip - I (I'd say 'we' but I'm not sure my bride would agree!) do miss GZ - enjoy the rest of your stay there!

hugs - aus and co.

mom and girls said...

I have SO enjoyed following along on your journey. If you have time, Find Jordan's shop. He has a computer available to adopting families to email back home for about $2.00! Also, tell Julie Thompson and Becky Blackburn we say hi from Michigan!!

Janis Moss