Two China Dolls and a Prince!

This blog chronicles the story of 2 of our adoptions, both older children when they came home. It begins in 2008 and will continue in the hopes we can be of encouragement and information to anyone thinking of older child adoption.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sleep..what a precious commodity

Bringing us up to date:
Thursday night, we finally got Judi to bed at 11pm, she slept til 4, but Jazmin was up at 3! I've been sleeping on the couch in case Judi calls out or needs something, so still haven't got back to my own bed! Finally got Judi back to sleep at 5 and sent Jazmin to Jr, where she fidgeted until time for school.
Friday, I took Judi to the doctor because her cough is not improving; it's so bad at night; I don't know how she's sleeping through it. Hard to believe the pollution in Guangzhou would be that bad. The doc gave her a breathing treatment and said to continue the antibiotic. She said there's no redness in her throat, ears, or fever, so who knows?? Monday, we have to get her blood drawn for titers, general blood workup, and a CAT scan. I also asked the doctor about possible heart disease, so she checked her right finger and right foot; they matched within two percent, which she said was an indicator that there was nothing wrong, nor did she hear a murmur either. We want the CAT scan to see how it compares to the one from China, so Monday will be a rough day for Judi.
Saturday we stayed home all day; gave Judi one nap, and got her to bed at 10:30; yeahhh! She slept until 5am; 6 whole hours of sleep, except that I finally caught her creeping crud, so now I'm all sniffly and coughing! At least it waited until I was home!
We had a busy day today, Sunday. We went to church, where everyone wanted to see Judi; she shut down for the most part and showed her shy alter ego. After church, she loosened up, and we went to our local Chinese restaurant for lunch, where she acted like she didn't even know the Chinese language! She zones out and stares straight ahead; weird!
Then we had a birthday party, where her fireball alter ego came right out as soon as she saw the bouncy house and trampolines; she loved it all; I definitely see gymnastics in this girl's future! She also loved her first piece of birthday cake! Then we went briefly to our Chinese school because again, everyone wanted to see her. She promptly fell asleep through it all, so they all think of course, that she's a little angel! I said, just watch out, because her halo's bent a little!
Came home and settled in for the night, and guess what, we finally got those darn science projects done; they're due tomorrow! I'm so glad they're over with; I dread them every year.
Now for the drumroll.............Judi went to bed at 9pm! So what am I doing instead of sleeping, I'm blogging!
I will say now after 5 days home, Judi seems to be calming down and just having fun. There are longer stretches now where I don't feel I have to watch her every move, and she and Jazmin are doing better; I hope that continues; their relationship will take awhile to develop, I think. She still will try some stuff, and cries when Daddy puts her in time out, but she quits pretty quick, and I'm learning to be more patient with some of her undesirable behaviors. I'm slowly learning to love my new daughter; she is spunky, and funny, and already has James and Jessica under her thumb, especially James; he's a sucker for a pretty face! My favorite times are at night when the lights are low, and everyone else is quiet, and tonight, she came and sat in my lap and wrapped up in her China blanket for some "Mommy" time. That's when she can just be a little girl who needs to know she doesn't have to be so tough anymore.


Aus said...

Morning Debbie - for whatever reason my computer didn't update your blog until today - dang - what a great rest of the trip you had! Glad to have you home - rest when you can - and now - may your adventure really begin!!

lots of joy for you here - hugs

aus and co.

KTLgirl said...

Hi Debbie,

Thanks so much fro all the help with BTDT advice on the yahoo group. We can't wait to go to Kunming to get Joseph!
Judi's reaction to the ladies at the CHinese restaurant is interesting. Our Peter did exactly the same thing when we brought him home back in 2006. He was 17 months old and had been at the SWI in Han Zhong Shaanxi.
So glad you're home safe!